Spatial Team

What We're Working on Now

The latest news from the Spatial Team is that the new Lidar data has been acquired! We will take delivery of some of these new data in spring 2013. Please stay tuned.

We have finished the wall-to-wall spatial products derived from lidar, for both the northern and southern sites. These products include: DEM, Max and Mean Height, Canopy Cover, Height-to-live-crown-base, DBH, and Leaf Area Index.

We held two lidar workshops this summer, May 16th in Oakhurst and May 17th in Foresthill. Each included a slide show, questions, and a hands-on workshop with software and lidar data.

We continue to pursue research topic such as:

  • best methods to extract individual trees from lidar point cloud;
  • how to characterize forest structure for wildlife studies;
  • lidar visualizations;
  • the use of lidar for biomass estimation.

Many of these topics have papers coming out. Science Briefs on these papers can be found here:

As products are completed, many of these will be made available on our data sharing website. To download publicly available SNAMP data please visit:

The Spatial Team workplan is available here




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