Public Participation Team

What We're Working on Now

The team released three newsletters in the last year, focused on the fisher team, owl team, and spatial team. We continue to coordinate the Integration Team Meetings, SNAMP Field Trips, and SNAMP evaluation. We have created several short videos to address some of the main topics/themes of SNAMP and to reach a broader public audience which are now posted on YouTube and on the SNAMP website. A white paper on the Forest Service ability to share decision-making was completed for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant and posted to the SNAMP website. A journal article on views of forest health within SNAMP is in the works as well as a document on mutual learning. SNAMP activities, meeting notes, and key agreements continue to be collected and put into the SNAMP archives, and analysis of participation research continues.

The PPT workplan is available here

Check out this short video on Public Participation in Collaborative Adaptive Management, put together by the SNAMP public participation team:




Kim_Ingram said at 3:33 p.m., 4 October 2012 ,

The following are questions and responses regarding the CA spotted owl: Q1:Since 1993, the owl team stated that they ...

Kim_Ingram said at 11:21 a.m., 20 September 2012 ,

The following questions have been submitted by Steve Brink in response to the SNAMP Owl team's IT meeting in ...

Kim_Ingram said at 11:36 a.m., 6 September 2012 ,

The following response is from the SNAMP Owl team to questions submitted by Steve Brink after the IT meeting of ...