16 September 2015 Newsletters

Fall 2015 Newsletter: Vol. 8 No. 6 Spatial Team

This issue focuses on the Spatial Team of SNAMP. The SNAMP Spatial Team was formed to provide support for the other SNAMP science teams through spatial data acquisition and analysis. The objectives of the SNAMP Spatial Team were: (1) to provide base spatial data; (2) to create quality and accurate mapped products of use to other SNAMP science teams; (3) to explore and develop novel algorithms and methods for Lidar data analysis; and (4) to contribute to science and technology outreach around mapping and Lidar analysis for SNAMP participants. This newsletter is one of 6 final newsletters we are compiling that distill results and lessons learned from the SNAMP project. The full final SNAMP report (including FFEH, water, wildlife, spatial and participation reports) is available here. To learn more about the spatial team please check out the Fall 2015 Spatial Team Newsletter!


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