4 May 2015

Final SNAMP Report Update

Dear participants of the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project, we are happy to announce completion of several of the draft chapters for the SNAMP final report. Individual team chapters from the spatial, owl, fisher, and public participation teams are now available for your review at:

For an outline of the SNAMP final report structure, please see the SNAMP Final Report outline.

Review Process

We welcome your input on the draft documents. We have three main review processes: public review; peer-review, and review by the MOU Partners. All will be occurring simultaneously. The three chapters linked above have just been sent for peer review and to the SNAMP MOU Partners for review as well. We will be releasing the rest of the individual team draft reports as soon as possible and the integration report by mid May.

We will be providing for public review through an interactive on-line survey for your comments. The survey is available here. All comments received by May 20th will be read and summarized for discussion at the May 27 final SNAMP meeting. All comments received by May 30th on the survey will be summarized and sent to each research team for their consideration.

The final report will be completed this summer. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about this final phase of SNAMP.

Susie Kocher, Natural Resources Advisor, RPF #2874, sdkocher@ucanr.edu


1 Steve Brink says...

SNAMP Appendix D Pacfic Fisher (very well written) Seems like though the title of the document should be "Southern Sierras" Fisher Team Final Report

Posted at 12:46 p.m. on May 17, 2015

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