11 May 2015

New California Agriculture Journal focuses on forests

The current issue of California Agriculture commemorates the 100th anniversary of forestry at the University of California Berkeley. in his Introduction, UCB’s Dean, Dr. Keith Gilless, says this issue “ provides an opportunity to reflect on the past 100 years of forestry in California and the important partnership between our campus teaching program and the statewide UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) research and extension programs. …. The articles in this issue show the range of research being conducted by the extended UC forestry community… . The article on the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Program (SNAMP) by UC Berkeley Professor Lynn Huntsinger, UCCE Central Sierra Forestry Advisor Susan Kocher and UC Berkeley researcher Adriana Sulak illustrates UC ANR's effectiveness in bringing cutting-edge science to key forestry issues — fire management, wildlife habitat and water quality — faced by people across the state.”

California Agriculture is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal reporting research and reviews, published by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) since 1946.

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