24 August 2015 Newsletters

Summer 2015 Newsletter: Vol 8 No 2 - Owl Team

Juvenile Owl
Since 2007, the SNAMP California Spotted Owl team has been working to understand if the potential long-term benefits (reduced fire risk) of Strategically Placed Landscape Area Treatments (SPLATs ) outweigh potential short-term impacts (habitat simplification) to spotted owls. They conducted a two-part analysis to assess the effects including: 1) a retrospective analysis using 20 years of demographic data collected at 74 spotted owl territories and 2) a prospective analysis (30 years into the future) of the effects of SPLATs and wildfire on spotted owl habitat and demography. Their results come at an important time with the increase in severe fires at large scales. Forest managers are looking at how to address fire severity by reducing fuels while keeping functional habitat for wildlife. To learn more about owl team research, please check out the Summer 2015 Newsletter.

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