14 August 2015

Water Team Final Report Chapter Posted

Dear participants of the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project,

We are happy to announce that the remaining chapter of the SNAMP final report is now available for your review.

Appendix E: Water Quality and Quantity Team
It is available for download at: here. (Report sections are hotlinked to the report outline). If you wish to comment on this chapter we have a survey available to record your comments. The survey is available here.

The chapter has been sent out for peer review. All comments received by September 15th will be passed on to report authors for deliberation as they finalize the water team appendix.

The comment deadline for the rest of the report has passed. We received comments from peer reviewers, management agencies and stakeholders. Authors have revised their sections as feasible. A summary of comments provided and the final version of the report (except for this water chapter) will be posted on line at the SNAMP website (http://snamp.cnr.berkeley.edu/) by August 31st.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about this final phase of SNAMP.



Susie Kocher, Natural Resources Advisor, RPF #2874, sdkocher@ucanr.edu

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