May 17 2012 - Northern Site LiDAR Workshop

May 17 2012

The Spatial Team led by Dr. Maggi Kelly and Dr. Qinghua Guo from the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project (SNAMP) held a LiDAR workshop at the Northern treatment site, sharing our work with LiDAR, the latest in remote sensing/mapping tools.

LiDAR is providing a new view of the forest as it allows the quantification of forest structures across the landscape; from fuels, to biomass, canopy cover, downed logs, and the height, diameter and height to live crown of individual trees. This enhanced visualization of the forest is allowing for a better quantification of valuable structures as well as the changes brought about by fuel treatments.

In addition to the PowerPoint presentations on the right, Dr. Maggi Kelly also showed the following videos to demonstrate how the LiDAR points are visualized using GIS.

Description: Our northern SNAMP site, mapped with lidar data. In this video you will fly into our study area, watching as lidar data is turned into a high resolution DEM, then the ground is populated with the lidar point cloud, and then zooming into the cloud, you will see individual trees. Video created by Marek Jakubowski.

Description: Watch as a stand of trees is visualized as a collection of lidar points. In our high density data, each individual tree is visible. We've developed new algorithms to extract each tree from the lidar point cloud, and use these data for understanding wildlife habitat. Video created by Marek Jakubowski.

Description: Here the lidar point cloud for a stand of trees is shown in profile: white dots are returns from vegetation, orange points represent the ground, and the green points show a consistent height profile (e.g. 1m, 2m, 3m…) above the ground. Watch as the green line moves from the ground through the top of the trees. We make use of all these data in our analysis. Video created by Alessandro Montaghi.

Please also check out our photos from this event:

Open to the Public!
9:00 AM -12:00 PM Thursday May 17, 2012
Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall, 24601 Harrison St., Foresthill, CA (map)