Aug 8 2013 - Collaboration and Facilitation in Natural Resource Management

Aug 8 2013

The Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project’s (SNAMP) University of California Cooperative Extension team hosted a 2-day workshop on Collaboration and Facilitation in Natural Resource Management.

The purpose of these workshops was to help improve communication by building facilitation skills within the many groups involved in collaborative adaptive management processes. We worked to build a common language to support collaboration and share tools to prevent problems and interventions to support success when problems arise. These workshops were designed to support the building of a common knowledge base through mutual learning and discussion. The UC Cooperative Extension has developed training modules for all levels of natural resource management staff and stakeholders interested in developing these skills.

A series of two 6 hour trainings covered topics such as stakeholder analysis, agenda building, listening as an ally, the decision making process, identifying constraints, reconciling differences and reducing conflicts. Participants learned training concepts, practice methods and obtain the skills needed to pursue effective facilitation and collaboration.