Facilitation Skills for a Collaborative Adaptive Management Process


Collaborative Adaptive Management (CAM) is many things to different people. It is based on the premise that ecosystems are complex, dynamic and unpredictable. It involves deliberate experimentation that provides information to resource managers on appropriate spatial and temporal scales. CAM is a participatory process that engages scientists, stakeholders and managers in a relationship based on shared understanding and learning that assesses and evaluates the values and implicit assumptions that underline management goals.

A team of University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) professionals based on their experiences facilitating civic engagement in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and youth development has developed a series of curriculum modules and workshops to help engage people with the CAM process.

The curriculum was refined through a series of workshops offered by UCCE to SNAMP scientists, managers and stakeholders in Winter, Spring and Summer 2013. Their CAM curriculum is available here as a download.


Public Participation

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