2012 Owl Team Annual Progress Report – Comments and Edits


The annual progress report provides updated results (through the 2012 field season) from the SNAMP Owl Team’s long-term California spotted owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) population study on the Eldorado Density Study Area (EDSA) and Regional Study Area (RSA). Though these study areas are separate from the SNAMP Last Chance study area, they are included in the Owl Team’s SNAMP analyses due to the low number of owls within the SNAMP Last Chance study site.

Data obtained from 1990-2012 provide estimates of California spotted owl demographic parameters including fecundity, survival, number of occupied territories, and the annual finite rate of population change on the EDSA and RSA. This report contains information on field methods, data analyses, and results.

The comment and response document is intended to clarify and address issues brought up by the US Forest Service which is the originator and funder of the EDSA and RSA.



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