May 1 2012 - Fisher Field Trip Background Reading


This research paper was given out ahead of time to the participants at the fisher field trip on May 1, 2012.

To gain a better understanding of the factors affecting selection of reproductive habitat by female fishers (Martes pennanti) in boreal mixed-wood forests, the researchers in this paper identified structures, sites, and stands used by 12 radiotagged female fishers for reproduction between 2005 and 2009 near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. To read the full research paper, please click on the link below.

Richard D. Weir, Mark Phinney, Eric C. Lofroth, Big, sick, and rotting: Why tree size, damage, and decay are important to fisher reproductive habitat, Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 265, 1 February 2012, Pages 230-240.


Field Visits, Fisher, May 01 2012

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