Sep 29-30 2011 - All-Scientists Meeting Agenda


SNAMP 2011 All‐Scientists Meeting Agenda

Purpose: Bring together science team members to discuss and build understanding of the science of SNAMP and to plan for the future of SNAMP

Objectives: The specific goals of this year’s meeting are:

  1. Understand and evaluate future of SNAMP as an integrated project, under reduced budget and timeline.
  2. Understand and critically review each team’s research to date and plan for the future, under reduced budget and timeline.
  3. Build science integration between teams and provide opportunities for cross-team interactions.
  4. Plan for SNAMP final integrated report.
  5. Provide a semi-formal, in-person forum to discuss whole team level, science-related topics that are important to the SNAMP project.


Meeting Information, Sep 29 2011

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