Feb 2 2011 - PPT IT Meeting Summary Notes


Summary notes from the February 2nd 2011 Integration Team meeting, which focused on SNAMPs public participation team.

Action items from this meeting include:

  • PPT will develop a tracking process to show how SNAMP information is being used within the Forest Service. This will be used as a pilot process to identify how the formal adaptive management loop will work. A candidate case for this will be the use of fisher den information by the Bass Lake District on the Sierra National Forest.

  • PPT will consider reforming the Integration Team meeting format to include all the other agency players that will need to be in attendance when recommendations are made concerning their issue.

  • PPT will investigate additional means of “inreach” within agencies such as the US Forest Service and other MOU partners to help spread information from SNAMP to other districts and decision makers that are not participating in SNAMP.


Feb 2 2011, Meeting Notes, Project Integration, Public Participation

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