Jan 11 2011 - Q4 Meeting Notes


Summary notes from the January 11, 2011 UCST/MOUP quarterly meeting.

Summary of Agreements:

    1) UCST and MOUP members reiterated SNAMP’s commitment to share scientific findings publicly and transparently (not contingent upon approval from DFG or other agency).

    2) MOUP and UCST members that voiced an opinion on the call agreed that UCST should accept the contract if work around attempts are unsuccessful, and at worst the SWG funded data would not be included in SNAMP-specific analyses.

    3) If the contract is accepted and a work around is not successful, UCST and MOUP need to be open and transparent with the public about the decision.

    4) SNAMP 2011 Meeting Schedule:

      Q1. April 14. 1-4 pm.
      Q2. July 14. 1-4 pm.
      Q3 Annual Meeting October 27 (tentative).
      Q4. Jan 12. 1-4pm.


    Meeting Notes

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