Sep 9-10 2010 - All-Scientist Meeting Agenda


SNAMP 2010 All‐Scientists Meeting Agenda

Headlands Institute in Marin County, September 9 ‐ 10 2010

Purpose: Bring together science team members to discuss and build understanding of the science of SNAMP.

Objectives: The specific goals of this year’s meeting are:

    1. Review/revise the SNAMP research design in light of four years of on‐the‐ground experience
    2. Understanding and critical review of each team’s research to date, priorities (goals and intellectual products), planned and current integration with other teams.
    3. Build science integration between teams.
    4. Provide a semi‐formal, in‐person forum to discuss whole team level, science‐related topics that are important to the SNAMP project.


Meeting Information

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