June 21 2010 - Q2 Meeting Notes


Summary notes from the June 21, 2010 UCST/MOUP quarterly meeting.

Summary of Main Outcomes:

    1. Last Chance and Sugar Pine Projects are still on track for implementation this year if unlitigated.
    2. SNAMP YR3 budget on track. DWR task orders waiting to be signed by UC. Secretary Snow has expressed support to continue DWR funding for SNAMP. Forest Service has made YR4 contribution to budget and a small part of YR5.
    3. Documenting agreements whenever possible is important.
    4. Individual briefings to MOUP leaders are an effective way to keep MOUP leadership new to SNAMP knowledgeable about the project.
    5. Annual meeting planning should include an evaluation of which MOUP member may not attend the meeting and should be briefed.
    6. Besides MOUP, it is important to also make sure that we reach out to Sierra Nevada Conservancy to keep them engaged.


Meeting Notes

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