April 28 2010 - Q1 Meeting Notes


Summary notes from the April 28, 2010 UCST/MOUP quarterly meeting.

Summary of Main Outcomes

    1. SNAMP YR3 budget projections are on track. DWR has approved core funding for YR3.
    2. John described several current and proposed projects that are leveraged on SNAMP funding.
    3. Sugar Pine Project has received appeals. Bass Lake is still hopeful that they can begin treatments this year.
    4. Last Chance Project is still on track for implementation in late 2010.
    5. Reminder that the Statement of Neutrality is limited to SNAMP study areas and SNAMP data.
    6. UCST has agreed to add Dr. Rick Sweitzer (SNAMP) as a PI on the Fisher Team and Dr. Zach Peery (University of Wisconsin, Madison) as a PI on the Owl Team. They will not become official PIs until they have been added to their respective contracts, hopefully in October 2010.


Meeting Notes

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