Final SNAMP Data Sharing Agreement


The SNAMP Project will collect, analyze and generate large datasets, from data collected by teams.
These data will span field observations to remotely measured spatial data. The UC Science Team has a commitment to make our workplan, meeting notes, and discussions public and transparent, yet we have not yet formally adopted a protocol for sharing of data. This document outlines our guidelines and constraints for 1) sharing data across teams; 2) sharing data with the public; and 3) publication of scientific results.

We are committed to interdisciplinary science in adaptive management of Sierra Nevada forest systems. We recognize that there will be significant data sharing within and among the UC Science Teams, among the UC Science Team and the MOU Partners, and between the UC Science Team and public stakeholders. We will expedite data sharing among teams, which will speed the release of data that to inform management and monitoring process to the Forest Service, and we will strive to share data with the public whenever possible.


Project Integration

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