Sep 17 2008 - Fisher Integration Team Meeting Notes


Summary of Key Agreements:
1. The group agreed that discovery of fisher natal dens by the UCST could have dramatic impacts on the Sugar Pine treatment goals.
2. The group recognized the need for more detailed information on the effects of the current USFS Standards and Guidelines reserving buffers around fisher dens on Sugar Pine project design.
3. The group recognized the need to integrate efforts with other fisher research in the southern Sierra.
4. The group recognized the need to integrate any results about treatment effects in the Cedar Valley project.
5. The UCST agreed to host a meeting/ field trip to view in the field the differences between implementation of the 2004 ROD which will restrict density management in the project and S&G alternatives being considered by the USFS.
6. The UC Science Team agreed to post the UC and USFS presentations on the SNAMP website.


Fisher, Integration Team, Meeting Notes, Sep 17 2008

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