May 27 2008 - IT Meeting Summary Notes


Summary of Key Agreements:

    1. The group recognized that there are constraints in implementing SPLAT theory in its ideal spatial arrangement and scale on the selected study sites.
    2. The group recognized issues involved in modeling from inventoried forest data from plots 500 meters apart. The FFHT may use Lidar data in between plots.
    3. The group recognized issues involved with the effects on the larger landscape. Dave Saah will be looking at larger scales to predict effects on fire behavior in SPLATs and DFPZs.
    4. The group recognized that information flow is working well with the UC Science Teams and USFS District staff but that fisher data information sharing between the USFS and the public could be improved. Dave Martin agreed to work on improving this and to send out the prescriptions and fisher design features of the Sugar Pine project to the group.
    5. An IT meeting will be held focusing on work of the fisher team before the final planning decisions are made by the USFS on September 19th. Kim and Susie will work with the District Rangers and staff to determine possible dates for future IT meetings.


Integration Team, May 27 2008, Meeting Notes

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