Sierra NF Interim Fisher Approach - Apr 16 2008


The purpose of the Pacific fisher habitat maintenance and improvement approach is to create interim recommendations from forest staff sufficient to assure forest restoration through commercial and precommercial tree thinning, silvicultural activities such as mastication of small trees and brush, piling and burning of forest debris and prescribed fire have at most insignificant adverse effects on fisher habitat functionality and through most activities, enhance it.

Based on advice from the Regional Ecosystem Conservation Staff, this interim approach will be recommendations until completion and issuance of a Southern Sierra Fisher Conservation Strategy, currently anticipated towards the end of 2009. This Conservation Strategy will be created as a geographically specific application of the West Coast Fisher Conservation Strategy, currently under development. Adjustments to this interim approach may occur at any time in response to new best available science or large scale wildfire that affects a significant area of fisher habitat.

There are usually several objectives that are proposed for accomplishment by an individual project and lead to development of the purpose and need statement in a NEPA analysis. This interim approach is intended only to guide these analyses as they require recommendations on maintenance and improvement of fisher habitat functionality.


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