Owl IT Meeting Detailed Notes


Summary notes from the July 25, 2008 Owl integration team meeting.

Summary of Key Agreements:

  1. The group recognized the need for more detailed information on the rationale behind SPLAT implementation, specifically how the treatment is strategically placed within the larger landscape. Ann Huber and Kim Rodrigues will work with the USFS to produce this information for the group.
  2. The group recognized the need to furnish spatial data on the SPLAT project to help the public better understand project implementation. The Public Participation Team committed to making this happen at future meetings.
  3. The USFS agreed to host a field trip to view the tree marking on the Last Chance Project.
  4. The UC Science Team invited the group to submit their hypotheses about variables affecting owl territory and occupancy for model development.
  5. The UC Science Team agreed to post the owl presentation Powerpoint file on the SNAMP website.
  6. The UC Science Team should make a map of studied owl territories available to industrial forestland owners who have land in the study area so that they can identify parts of owl territories on their land and potentially participate in the study.
  7. The IT agreed to hold another short meeting to discuss suitable habitat criteria for the spotted owl in light of new information.


Integration Team, Jul 25 2008, Meeting Notes, Owl

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