Questions for SNAMP Owl Team

Questions for SNAMP Owl Team by Kim_Ingram, at 11:21 a.m. on 20 September 2012,

The following questions have been submitted by Steve Brink in response to the SNAMP Owl team's IT meeting in August 2012:

Q1)Since 1993, the owl team stated that they have surveyed roughly 90% of the DSA each year. This was determined by placing a 1/2 mile buffer around each of the recorded survey points. Would it be possible to determine the % "covered" for each year 1986 through 1992 using the same methodology? If so, can the percentage of coverage be provided?

Q2)Could the occupancy analysis be run on the owl sites that were first found in the study area from ~1986 through 1992? Has the occupancy rate for those owls sites dropped as well? Premise of question: The range -wide high reproductive year of 1992, (most likely due to abundance of prey and very mild spring weather) also lead to a high survival rate (young and adult) and potentially a population that was above the carrying capacity of the landscape. The population in 1993 with nearly 100% occupancy has been slowly adjusting back "down" to the “normal or potential” carrying capacity of this landscape.

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