CA Spotted Owl population questions

CA Spotted Owl population questions by Kim_Ingram, at 9:38 a.m. on 3 November 2011,

The following comments and questions were asked by Lorna Dobrovolny from CA Dept. of Fish and Game:

'I work with Cal Fire foresters on wildlife issues in El Dorado County resulting from forest fuel reduction projects. There are no longer any DFG staff on timber harvesting review teams as a result of state budget cut-backs. California spotted owl has only a Species of Special Concern status. Thus, very limited regulatory protection from projects on private forest lands. I was very interested and concerned about Rocky's findings regarding spotted owls. There has been substantial timber harvesting and population expansion in the early to mid 2000s during the housing boom in El Dorado County. I'm not sure how the SNAMP research can outline a study plan to definitively show that it's the Last Chance fuel break that would be impacting the birds, given a demonstrated existing decline. Do you know how this is going to be accounted for? Also, the USFS and CAL FIRE have given much grant money to forest land owners in the past, mostly to tie together ridgetop fuel breaks for fire prevention. Most of that work was mastication, the result of which may not offer spotted owls suitable habitat."

Thanks for you comments and questions Lorna.

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