• We plan to prioritize species as to importance to forest management in the Sierra Nevada, and address the most important ones as budgets allow.
  • Integration of the four topic areas is an issue currently under discussion and development.
  • One of the criteria for selecting species to include in the workplan is the likelihood of a meaningful, perceptible response to the proposed management
  • We anticipate that up to a ten year period may be required to produce meaningful results.
  • The power to detect change is one of the considerations in the development of the workplan.
  • Any management will favor some species and disfavor others. In the criteria for prioritizing species to include in the workplan, we do not include those that are likely to be favored, because these are of much less controversy, and not an impediment to forest management.
  • We think that those species for which already we have a good understanding of habitat relations are less important to include; the essence of adaptive management is learning and producing new knowledge of how a system functions.
  • We agree that trophic considerations are important to any ecological research.
  • We realize that there are always financial constraints, but we plan to propose what we feel will address the issues we were charged with.
  • We are defining wildlife as terrestrial vertebrates, excluding fish, invertebrates, plants, etc.
  • We will attempt to coordinate with other state and federal research and management efforts as appropriate.

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