SNAMP Acronyms

Here we host a list of our commonly used acronyms.

Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project (SNAMP) List of Acronyms:

    AM: Adaptive Management

    CALFIRE: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) or CAL FIRE

    CBI: Conservation Biology Institute

    CC: Canopy Cover

    CWHR: California Wildlife Habitat Relationships

    DANR: Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

    DBH: Diameter at Breast Height (e.g. 1.37 meters)

    DEIS: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

    DFG: CA Dept of Fish and Game

    DEM: Digital Elevation Model

    DFPZ: Defensible Fuel Profile Zones

    DOQ: Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle

    DR: District Ranger

    DWR: Department of Water Resources

    EA: Environmental Assessment

    EF: Essential Facilitation

    EIS: Environmental Impact Statement

    ESA: Endangered Species Act

    FFEH: Fire and Forest Ecosystem Health

    FIA: Forest Inventory and Analysis

    FS: US Forest Service

    FWS: US Fish and Wildlife Service

    GIS: Geographic Information Systems

    HCRA: Home Range Core Area

    HTLCB: Height to Live Crown Base

    IKONOS: Not an acronym but a specific remote sensing satellite: has a ground resolution of 1-4m

    IT: Integration Team

    LAI: Leaf Area Index

    LANDSAT: A moderate-resolution remote sensing satellite, with a ground resolution of 30m

    LIDAR: Light Detection and Ranging

    LOP: Limited Operating Period

    MOUP: Memorandum of Understanding Partners

    NAIP: National Agricultural Imagery Project

    NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

    NF: National Forest

    NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

    NOP: Notice of Preparation

    NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service

    PAC: Protected Activity Center

    PI: Principal Investigator

    PM: Project Manager

    PP: Public Participation

    PPT: Public Participation Team

    PSW: Pacific Southwest Research Station of the US Forest Service

    Q2, Q3: Quarterly meeting 2nd, 3rd

    ROD: Record of Decision

    SNAMP: Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project

    SNFPA: Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment

    SPLAT: Strategically Placed Landscape Area Treatments

    TM: Landsat Thematic Mapper

    UC: University of California

    UCB: University of California, Berkeley

    UCCE: University of California Cooperative Extension

    UCD: University of California, Davis

    UCM: University of California, Merced

    UMN: University of Minnesota

    UCST: University of California Science Team

    USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

    USFS: United States Forest Service

    USFWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

    UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator

    WUI: Wildland Urban Interface/Intermix