5 November 2014

Group works to reduce man made threat to Pacific fisher in the southern Sierra

Cleanup of the mess left behind by illegal marijuana grow sites in national forests around Bass Lake, California is about to begin. On November 5th, 6th and 7th , volunteers are invited to join the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew to clean up the trash, irrigation piping, growing chemicals and poisons left behind when grow sites are abandoned or raided by law enforcement. Excessive fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used in large quantities to grow these crops are often left behind to leak into forested watersheds. Poisons include anti rodent pesticides that have silently killed a wide variety of animals in the forest during their use and can continue to over the months that follow. The work will involve a full day of effort and some hiking. If interested, contact Anne Lombardo at amlombardo@ucanr.edu and bring a lunch as well as items for personal comfort: warmth, dry, water, sunscreen. The HSVTC will be providing safety equipment. This cleanup effort is made possible by a grant received by the Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation District from the Chukchansi tribe as previously reported: http://snamp.cnr.berkeley.edu/news/2013/nov/26/25000-awarded-chukchansi-tribe-help-clean-marijuan/

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