Re. the question of an email forum on "SPLATs vs DFPZs"

Re. the question of an email forum on "SPLATs vs DFPZs" by Kim_Ingram, at 11:12 a.m. on 11 March 2010,


I spoke with Dr. Maggi Kelly, who designed and maintains the website. She suggested that most of the functions of an email or on-line forum such as you are suggesting, can be accomplished through the current SNAMP website. However,since the website, as currently designed, does not readily support the addition of documents or videos, participants could post a link to a particular document, photo, or movie within the body of their comment.

Unfortunately, the website also does not allow for a threaded discussion, or a continuous link from a particular discussion topic. Each new post is its own topic, though they are linked through key words. So a threaded discussion could be held if users search for a particular key word to view the history of the topic.

If you have any further comments/questions re. this area of your original comments, please feel free to contact me or use this discussion board. The Fire & Forest Ecosystem Health team is working on a response to your other questions/comments and I will let you know when they have been posted.

Thanks for your suggestions,

Kim Ingram, PPT Team

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